Powell River Yacht Club

2018 Cruising Season

We are still looking for a 2018 Cruise Director! Please contact Gregory at commodore@powellriveryachtclub.ca if you are willing to take this on. 

 Sunday, May 8th 2016 is the annual day trip to Vivian Island.

If you are planning on heading over please register below or email me so I can get a list of boats and crew that will be going.  If you have a boat and have room for crew please indicate this in your email to me.


Hello Cruisers!


I thought I would take the time to put this into a PDF format so you may look over the schedule.  There is consideration for a day cruise also to Harwood for a get together in July or August.  I would like feedback and suggestions as what you would like to see or what doesn't work on the schedule for you.  Please sign up on the web for these cruises.  Any of the marinas that are indicated on the cruise, you will be responsible for reserving your space if you intend to stay on any of the docks.  The tides and times are for your reference it is up to the skippers to check over your tides and times and your comfort of anchoring in the areas suggested for the cruises. 

One other thought if you are considering a longer cruise outside of the ones listed and would like to include other members let me know I can send an email to the members.  There is a chance of one or two other boats meeting up or going along together on a non scheduled longer cruise.

Hope I haven't missed anything.  Happy cruising, looking forward to being out on the water.