Powell River Yacht Club

Spring Series Results

Boat                      Points         Rank

Una                              7                    1

Kindred Spirit          12                   2

Séance                       26                   3

Sail Mates                28                    4

June 10, 2017

Our spring series wrapped up last Saturday with a race to Vananda in a healthy 10 knot north-west breeze. 5 boats participated in a close match followed by picnic on the Vananda dock.  It was great to have Naïeve and Summer Wind join in for the final.  The results had Kindred Spirit crossing the finish line first with Una just seconds behind and claiming first place in corrected time.  The results however were somewhat misleading.  Una was the only boat to fly her spinnaker, giving her a significant advantage.  Otherwise in corrected time she would likely have come in dead last.  As well after crossing Malaspina Strait the winds in Sturt Bay suddenly veered causing everyone a bit of grief with resulting changes in placement. The close finishing times show everyone had a reasonable chance of winning the race. We can look forward to great competition in the coming fall series.

Boat Time Corrected Rank

Una 58 55 1

Kindred Spirit 58 57 2

Summer Wind 63 58 3

Sail Mates 63 59 4

Niamh 63 63 5

Algerine 2017

 Due to the lack of wind the race start line was moved to Cyril rock outside of Blubber Bay.  Thank-you Kim Brown for using Kindred Spirit for the committee boat and Ray Hogan for helping with the start flags.   A gentle westerly began to build at the start and held for the majority of the race allowing the early finishers to complete in just over 5 hours.  The chosen course was to take Vivian Island to port and finish in Comox harbor, a distance of 23 nautical miles sailed in mostly 10knot winds.  Four boats from Comox, one from Deep Bay and 3 from Powell River were entered.  It was an awesome and entertaining race between totally engaged, competitive crews.  A great meal in a Toscano’s restaurant in Comox followed.  Tom Gornall, skippering his J24, Nyyak in excellent form received both the Algerine trophy for the win as well as the 1st across the line Credit Union trophy.  Una, placed a respectable second with Tenacious in third.


Start 9:40 am.

Boat phrf Finish elapsed Corrected Rank Club

Nyyak 186 14:46:20 5:06:20 4:04:20 1 CSC

Una 191 14:53:34 5:13:34 4:09:24 2 PRYC

Tenacious 228 15:12:53 5:32:53 4:16:53 3 CSC

Laser 135 14:57:13 5:17:13 4:32:13 4 CSC

Hakuma Matata 118 15:03:04 5:23:04 4:44:04 5 DBSC

Séance 102 15:04:00 5:24:00 4:50:00 6 PRYC

Roberts 144 17:17:00 7:37:00 6:49:00 7 CSC

Sail Mates 180 DNF PRYC

June 3, 2017

Wind – South-east 5 – 10 knots

Boat time corrected Rank

Una 103 97 1

Kindred Spirit 115 113 2

Séance 110 118 3

Summer Wind 134 124 4

Sail Mates 134 125 5

Sovind DNF

May 27, 2017

Wind – North west 5 – 10 knots.

Boat time corrected Rank

Una 146 138 1

Kindred Spirit 164 162 2

Séance 153 164 3

Hi Powell River!! Please cheer us on! Sunday 9 am south of the South Harbour the annual Algerine Race will start. 3 boats from Powell River and 7 from Comox will take part in this years regatta over to Comox. It will be fun to watch for sure!!


Fellow keelboat racing enthusiasts:

Our spring racing series will commence April 22 this year.  We will race every Saturday weather permitting with the last in the series being on June 10th.  for a total of 7 races.   The one exception will be the May long weekend (May 20 – 22) during which the annual Algerine race will take place on Sunday, 21st. pitting the Comox club against our Powell River club. 

As per usual we will meet in the Comox ferry terminal just above the North boat harbor at 9:00 am sharp to discuss weather and choose a course.  Just a reminder that all crew must have an approved personal floatation device and all boats competing must meet club safety standards

We especially welcome any new or old club members to come out and compete.  As well as the camaraderie there is the huge bonus of being able to develop your sailing skills with all the accompanying support and friendly advice you could ask for.  

If you have any thoughts or questions please call me at 604 483-3205 or e-mail me at lauritz@xplornet.com

See you April 22nd.

Lauritz Chambers

Race director

May 13, 2017

Southeast winds of around 10 knots kept us moving quickly around a challenging course of 5 short legs totaling about 6 nautical miles.  Una led for the first leg but then it was Kindred Spirit out in front for the rest of the race taking line honors and the race in corrected time. 

Handicap time/ corrected rank

Kindred Spirit 159 88 / 87 1

Una 191 85 / 80 2

Summer Wind 205 112 / 104 3

May 6, 2017

Every race gives a lesson and last Saturday’s was no exception.  If you think you can depend on a westerly to remain somewhat constant you’re fooling yourself.  Beating into a north-west 5 knot breeze we headed to the mill mark.  Rounding the mark we prepared the spinnaker for a long downwind run but just as we were about to raise the big sail the wind veered and came out of the west at 15 – 20 knots.  Instantly the apparent wind was from ahead and we were quite happy the spinnaker was still bagged.  Una led for 3 legs only to have Kindred Spirit pass on a sprint to the finish to take line honors. 

                               Handicap    time/ corrected      rank 

Una                                  191       87 / 82                       1

Kindred Spirit               159      87 / 86                        2

Sailmates 200              200     106 / 99                       3   

April 29, 2017

With southeast winds gusting to 30 knots we had an exhilarating  race covering a 9.5 nautical mile course in 1 ¼ hours.

Congratulations to Séance as she got off to a good start and led to the finish for line honors and the win in corrected time.

                        Handicap         time/ corrected       rank                                        Séance                    102             70 / 75                        1

Una                          191             85 / 80                        2

Kindred Spirit       159            88 / 87                         3

Sovind                     207                                               DNF               

April 22, 2017

Course: Grief Pt. – South mid-channel – South mark – South Boat Harbor.

A glorious start to our Spring series.  A 5 – 10 knot westerly breeze had the fleet of five complete the 5 ½ nautical mile course in 2 ½ hours while the rain held off.   Una got off to a good start and managed to lead the fleet without being seriously challenged.  It’ll likely be a different story next week.  Stay tuned.

                                     Handicap time/ corrected     rank

Una                                 191         129 / 122                    1

Sail Mates                      200      140 / 131                     2

Kindred Spirit               159     140 / 138                      3

Sovind                            207    153 / 141                        4

Séance                           102    141 / 151                          5



The 2013 Keelboat Spring Series final race was Saturday June 8th. We had 7 boats out and fun was had by all even though we had to call the race. Thanks everyone for a great series

Spring Series Results are in!

Place             Boat                     Points

1st place       Sovind                       18

2nd place     Summer Wind       19

tie 3rd           Seance                       22

tie 3rd           Kindred Spirit        22

4th                 Sail Mates                 23

5th                 Una                              27


Summer Keelboat Racing- Monday Night Fun Races finished August 26th.This series is super casual and designed to help out the "New-to-Racing-Crowd". Our experienced racers come out for a ride on your boat to guide you through your first race experience. Or, you can learn to crew  - this laid back approach has been a wonderful addition to our keelboat racing program. Always fun!  

Algerine Passage 2013 - Race Report:  

An exciting day of racing between the  Comox Sailing Club and Powell River Yacht Club began Sunday morning in gusts of 20 knots. An enthusiastic crowd of fans gathered on the Willingdon Beach breakwater to send off the competitors.

PRYC was represented by Alegria a Dufour 45E, Seance a custom 46, Una a Yamaha 30, and Sovind an Islander 30MKII .
Representing Comox Sailing club Nyyak a  J24,  Tenacious a San Juan 24 , Laser a Laser 28.

Alegria flew to a record breaking  3 hours 57 minutes and 50 seconds...winning both the line honors  and  corrected time trophies.   A remarkable achievement on a course of 26.2 nautical miles!

Alegria's win marks the first win for the PRYC in 5 years, and only the 3rd win for PRYC in the 40 year history of the race! Congratulations to owner Eberhard Heinzman, skipper Colin Jackson and crew representing the best of of Cooper Boating's advanced and offshore instructors.

We hope to see the entire field for the Shearwater Passage this fall!

 A very special thank you to Bill & Pat Turner for volunteering to be our committee boat for the start Sunday morning! And our starters Kim & Gary for sending us off.

 Results on
 Corrected Time:                          
Across the line:

  1. Alegria                                      1. Alegria
  2. Nyyak                                       2. Seance
  3. Tenacious                                3. Tenacious
  4. Laser                                         4. Laser
  5. Seance                                      5. Nyyak
  6. Sovind                                      6. Sovind
  7. Una                                           7. Una

PRYC Virtual Trophy Case


Team "Una": John, skipper Laurie and Monique, winners of Fall Series! 

Séance meets Una at the mark near Griefpoint... 

At the last race 2 humpback whales said hello! The picture shows Séance with one of the whales in front of Westview.

Una followed by  Sovind, who is "stealing"her wind... Séance and Sail Mates in the background, not far away.

People are watching us racing! This is Una's photo taken through a telescope.

People for sure are watching us racing! This is Una's photo taken through a telescope... 

Séance takes the lead...

Séance takes the lead... 

 May 9th 2015 race

 What a beautiful day, what a beautiful sail we had! 

 Look at our colourful spinnakers!

April 18 race: Sometimes a picture says it all...no wind! 

All sailboats flying their spinnaker on the way to the Grief Point mark.

Kindred Spirit and Séance on the way to Vananda (Texada Island) 

Killer whales crossing in front of  Una

Slow January 17th start around the Willingdon Beach buoy

Slow January 17th start around the Willingdon Beach mark  

 SE 27  gusting over 35 knots for the Fall Series Oct 18th!

**Just touch your cursor to the photo to see a full screen version.**
The Shearwater Passage Trophy


Scroll down for Fall Series 2013 Race Results

Get started on the basics of the Racing Rules of Sailing at http://www.pdracer.com/sailboat-games/conventional/basicracingrules.pdf

Cool links to practice your Racing Rules knowledge:

Racing Rules with boats in motion:    http://game.finckh.net/indexe.htm

Compete Internationally! Racing Simulator    http://www.sailx.com/

November 16, 2013   Race #5 FINAL RACE

Boat Name     Handicap     Time Actual/Corrected      Rank

Sovind                          210                      120/110.53                                   1

Kindred Spirit            159                       113/111.57                                     2

Sail Mates                    120                      110/114.93                                    3

Summer Wind           205                      126/116.82                                    4

Una                               191                       129/121.86                                    5

Spellbound                 114                       123/129.67                                     6

Chase Me                      (        )                                                                          7

November 9, 2013   Race #4

Boat Name     Handicap     Time Actual/Corrected      Rank 

Sovind                          210                      255/234.87                                            1

Spellbound                 114                       230/242.47                                            2

Una                               191                      262/247.50                                            3

Kindred Spirit            159                      254/250.78                                            4

Sail Mates                    120                     259/270.60                                            5

Chase Me                      (        )                    DNF                

Shearwater Passage  Oct 26th, 2013

Race Results  

Boat Name     Handicap     Time Actual/Corrected      Rank 


Sovind                          210                                   198/182.37                              1

Summer Wind           205                                   201/186.36                              2

Kindred Spirit            159                                   197/194.50                               3

Una                               191                                 207/195.55                                4

Spellbound                 114                                   193/203.46                              5

Sail Mates                    120                                  204/213.13                              6 

Chase Me                     230                                   242/217.18                             7



October 19, 2013   Race #3

Boat Name     Handicap     Time Actual/Corrected      Rank 

Kindred Spirit            159                                   156/154.02                               1

Sovind                          210                                   181/166.71                               2

Una                               191                                   182/172.45                               3

Summer Wind           205                                   186/171.93                               4

Spellbound                 114                                    DNF                             

Chase Me                    (  )                                     DNF                             

Sail Mates                    120                                  DNF                                        

October 12, 2013 Fall Series Race #2

Boat Name     Handicap     Time Actual/Corrected      Rank 

Summer Wind           205                                   122/113.11                                 1

Kindred Spirit            159                                   118/116.5                                   2

Sovind                          210                                   128/117.89                               3

Una                               165                                   121/118.46                                4

Spellbound                 114                                    121/127.56                                5

Saoirse                         (  )                                     181/149.59                               6

Sail Mates                    130                                  160/167.16                                7

Chase Me                    (  )                                     220/202.63                             8



October 5, 2013 Fall Series Race #1

Boat Name     Handicap     Time Actual/Corrected      Rank 

Sovind                         210                                   94/86.58                                   1

Kindred Spirit            159                                   89/87.87                                   2

Spellbound                  114                                   89/93.83                         tie     3

Una                               165                                   96/93.99                         tie     3

Tuppance                     300                                 123/101.29                                5

Summer Wind            205                                  115/106.62                                6

Magic Carpet               130                                  111/114.26                                 7

Sail Mates                    120                                   110/114.93                                8